The DeKalb Co. VFW Fair Committee would like to announce the return of all exhibits this year, including the individual exhibits such as sewing, baking, canning, handicrafts, flower show, and much more.

The important change that you need to note is the change in how we will accept items for individual entries. We will not be accepting all entries at the same time. We do however believe that this is the best after three years of not having the individual exhibits. The first weekend for entry is September 16-17, and September 23-24. The first weekend will be for non-perishables which includes sewing, handicrafts, art, etc. The second weekend will be for the perishables, such as agriculture, flowers, canning, and baking. The fair catalog will be mailed soon and has the dates and times for all entries, or please check this web site at the Catalog heading for dates and times also. The new dates/times will be posted soon. We urge you to please check the dates for the items you plan to enter as there will absolutely be no exceptions on time and dates for entering your items.

Thank you for your loyal support of our county fair! As you probably know, we hold the record for the state of Alabama for the number of times we have been named the No. 1 County Fair. This is only because of your loyal support of your county fair!

Charles R. Stephens, Fair Chairman