The DeKalb Co. VFW Fair Committee would like to announce our decision to include the educational booths and our
scarecrow competition for this year’s fair, for additional show competition go to our website.
We regret there will be no individual exhibit competition again this year. It seems that covid and/or it’s variant raises it’s
ugly head at our fair time and it is just not in the public interest because of exposure, for the safety of our exhibitors and
fair workers.

DeKalb County V.F.W. Agricultural Fair
September 26 – October 1, 2022 this year’s theme is “Land That I Love”

The fair will be accepting entries for the following:
1. 4-H Club Booths
2. High School Booths
3. Scout Booths
4. Elementary School Booths
5. Homemakers Club Booths
6. Nutrition Site Booths
7. Church Booths
8. Scarecrow Competition
Booths 1-7 will be judged by this scorecard:
Educational Value 40 points
General Appearance 20 points
Quality 20 points
Originality 20 points
TOTAL 100 points

Rules for booths:
Booths must be registered by email to or calling 256-997-6968 by Friday Sept. 16.
All booth must follow the General Rules for all competition which can be found on line at All
booths are 69”X69”X60” inside measurements, and no booth can be over 5’ tall. Booths can be set up starting on
Thursday Sept. 22 at noon until 4 pm, Friday Sept. 23, 8am-4pm, Saturday Sept. 24, 8am-12noon. Booths must be
finished by Saturday September 24, by Noon. Each exhibit should stress the fair theme/or special activity.
Rules for Scarecrows:
To register for the scarecrow competition please call/text 256-997-5583 or e-mail us at no
later than September 16.
All scarecrows must follow the General Rules for all competition which can be found on line at
Scarecrows must be a minimum of 3’ tall, moveable and free standing as they will be used as a part of our decorations
for the fair.
Scarecrows will be accepted for competition on September 19, at 1-5pm, in the rear at covered area.