The Fair would like to thank The City Council of Fort Payne
for their support of our annual Fair.

The City Council of Fort Payne salutes the
DeKalb County VFW Fair
on this, its 65th year, for being a great part of our city!

Larry Chesser
Council President
Brian Baine
Council Members
Lynn Brewer
Johnny Eberhart
Wade Hill
Gerald “Red” Taylor
City Clerk
Andy Parker

Thank you DeKalb County Commission for your support of the annual
VFW Fair.

As the DeKalb County VFW agricultural fair opens
this year, we at the DeKalb County Commission send
our greetings. Fair Time is a special time for us in the
area and for many many years it has served our
community in many and varied ways. It promotes
our county agencies, school systems and our economy.
It is place where friends and neighbors meet
together and our children and grand- children have a
wonderful time together as family and friends.
I welcome you to our county where ever you may be
from and we hope you will visit us often and take
advantage of beautiful DeKalb County Alabama.
Honorable Ricky Harcrow, President
DeKalb County Commission

Ricky Harcrow
District 1
Shane Wooten
District 2
Scot Westbrook
District 3
Chris Kuykendall
District 4
Lester Black